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die kommunikatöre group is a full-service agency that specializes in pharmaceutical and healthcare communications. In addition to our seminars and workshops on „healthy working“, we offer tailored leadership support to promote effective and sustainable teamwork. 

Our expertise lies within the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, where we excel in successful market access implementations, ecosystem development, and the transformation into digital sales structures.

We are committed to keeping campaigns performing at their best by consistently introducing new ideas and approaches. Thanks to our diverse, multidisciplinary team, we can provide solutions to any project and tackle even your biggest challenges. We leverage our extensive knowledge, skills, and passion to fulfill all of your needs.

This is why our long-term clients place their trust in the „kommunikatöre approach”.

Together we will:


Market entry and expansion

As experts in crafting market access strategies for pharmaceutical and medical technology companies, we will create a path for your innovations through fresh project methods and industry best practices.

  • Market Access Strategies
  • Branding & Brand Transformation
  • Medical Content Creation & Healthcare Education
  • Sales Support & Sales Transformation
  • Press Releases & Events

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Brand development and strategy

We specialize in tailoring precise messaging strategies for your intended audience. Our vast experience and collective expertise in the following areas will prove invaluable in this endeavor:

  • Brand Strategy & Brand Structures
  • Branding & Brand Transformation
  • Medical Content Creation & Healthcare Education
  • Sales Support & Sales Transformation
  • Press Releases & Events

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Creation and Design

Making a strong first impression is crucial. We can help you achieve perfect brand recognition across all platforms and ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

  • Corporate Identity & Branding
  • Corporate Design & Logo Design
  • Photography & Video Production
  • Conventional & Online Marketing
  • SEO & Search Engine Advertising (SEA)
  • Social Media & Influencer Marketing

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Seminars and Workshops


Please note that our seminars and workshops are available only in German.

Finding the right words is key to effective communication and essential for the success of any company. Our seminars provide you with the tools to cultivate a healthy work environment and empower you to communicate effectively with your team.

  • Organizational Development & Transformation
  • Specialized Seminars & Workshops for Managers and Experts
  • Culture Shaping & Progress
  • Workshops for Personnel & Team Growth
  • Personalized Leadership Support & Coaching

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Browse our seminar portfolio and get customized offers on our #work-website.
Our space for a healthy work environment.

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#work Magazin

Our magazine – #work – is more than just a collection of articles on „healthy working.“ It’s a canvas for showcasing the work of die kommunikatöre. Every team member contributes, from the initial concept to its realization and distribution. We express our creativity through this collective endeavor.

You can also read the magazine’s articles online:

Explore the #work Articles

or as download: #work Ausgabe 05

The name
says it all

Success built on trust in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors

Our strong ties to the pharmaceutical and healthcare fields have been a driving force behind our success. die kommunikatöre was founded by Sabine Frieg and Tobias Hummel, both seasoned professionals in these industries. This grants us a unique insight on the challenges and opportunities that these industries present.

Our unwavering passion for our work has earned us the trust of many renowned clients. They count on our ever-expanding expertise, which includes agency-owned medical knowledge and data analytics, for both professional and patient communication.

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Management Assistant 
+49 6421 3015930

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